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Have you got a chimney on your house? Do you regularly check on its state and the lead’s condition?

You most likely haven’t and you’re not alone. There are many people who don’t because firstly you may not know too much about brick work and chimneys but also it’s intimidating to go on a ladder and climb to the top of the house. Don’t risk your safety by climbing to the roof of your house, just leave it to us here at West Park Roofing. We are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to chimneys, lead and brick work and we are fully equipped and experienced with operating from a height.

The common problems that arise from chimney work requests usually come down to of old brickwork crumbling away or the lead work leaking. When it comes down to chimney work, there are always a number of aspects of a chimney that requires attention; which includes chimney stack brickwork pointing & flashings.

Lead is the most durable and long lasting aspect of most roofs. Even though it is durable, it will still age and slowly decay over a number of years. Repairing any damaged or old lead is vital, which is why we offer lead repair and replacement services.

Chimney and lead work problems always seem to creep up without notice. So if you discover any problems, Contact Us when you can.

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